Tips for keeping your car safe

Posted on: 28/05/2015

Maintaining car safety is a key concern for any motorist. Below, we provide a summary of tips provided by Admiral UK.

1 Sat nav theft
If your sat nav is portable remove the cradle and clean any marks left on the windscreen. These are telltale signs there may be a sat nav tucked away in the glove box.

2. Secure parking
Pick a secure car park in a well-lit and well-populated part of the town or city you're in, one with a ticket barrier, CCTV or a car park attendant is best.

3. Car code grabbing
Car theft has become increasingly sophisticated with thieves able to block signals sent to your central locking with an automatic key, a radio signal that prevents the signal from your keys getting through.
Avoid this by locking your car from the inside and then shutting the door and always physically check the car has locked successfully.

4. Marking and etching
Have your car's serial number or registration number etched onto the windows or the light covers; it will act as a simple deterrent and make thieves think twice.

5. Use the steering lock
Yes, it's an obvious one but do you use it every time?

6. Be careful with your keys
Don't leave car keys visible near doors or windows; hang them in a locked key safe. Likewise, make sure your car key hasn't been left forgotten in the pocket of a coat that's hanging in a restaurant, cloakroom or in a handbag which doesn't fasten shut.

7. Get a tracker fitted
A stolen vehicle recovery device will allow you to track, and hopefully recover, your car should it be stolen. It runs on VHF (very high frequency) technology to prevent the use of GPS jammers.

8. A tidy car is a safe car
Cleaning the car is a boring task but an important one all the same. Ensure you car is tidy and if you do need to keep things in the car put them in the boot. Even a full bag of rubbish can look tempting to an opportunist thief, as they'll just see a bulging bag in the back that's ripe for the taking.

9. Security while driving
Security while driving is also important. Many cars have an automatic locking function but if yours doesn't, ensure all doors and windows are locked. If you are approached when stationary, only wind the window down a little.

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