How to Avoid Motorbike Collisions

Posted on: 18/12/2014

Safety on the road is an evergreen issue that we should all have front of mind.

Motorcyclists particularly are in danger when on the road and have much more to lose in the occasion of a collision. They are completely exposed and can easily be flung off.

So, in honour of our two-wheeled friends, we've compiled this post to help you be more aware on the road. So you can make sure this doesn't happen.

 1. Never accommodate the same lane space: This happens all too often on the road. You should always treat a motorcycle as if it were a car in terms of spacing. To pull up alongside a motorbike, even if it appears to be encouraging you to do so, and take up room alongside it is highly dangerous. Don't do it!

2. Check twice: This is a key mantra to adopt when out on the road. Motorcycles are usually small, and have less lights. As a result, they are harder to see in mirrors and windows. If you hear a motorcycle or have noticed one in your vicinity, always double check your mirrors and blind spots for them.

3. Signal earlier: Surprises. They're funny things. Sometimes they are nice, like a surprise birthday party or a present. But sometimes, surprises are not nice. Like a surprise bill, or paper cut. And one of those unwelcome surprises is last minute signalling while on the road. Nobody likes them. So, make sure everyone is clear of exactly where you are going in plenty of time. That way, it leaves no room for error.

4. Leave plenty of room: Ensure that as you are driving you allow sufficient room for all vehicles, in front and behind. The further away you are from others, the less likely you are to hit them. Simples.

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