Top social media tips for car maintenance

Posted on: 13/12/2014

Nowadays, we don't have to rely on our car manuals or advice from our Dad when it comes to motoring tips. We can simply log on and find out from across social media. Check out our top tips we've found online in the blog below.

1. Pinterest has an entire section dedicated to car tips that you can find here: It contains some gems as "10 Things in Your Car You Didn't Know You Could Fix" and "How To Win The Holiday Parking Game"

2. Twitter relies on hashtags and if you simply type in #cartips, you'll be presented with a whole array of advice that can help you in your day-to-day driving life. For example: "How to Maximize the Roof Rack on Your Car - ModernLifeBlogs " and "9 tips to winterize your car before road trips "

3. Facebook operates different groups where you can discuss car issues with other drivers. For example, CAR TIPS  offer areas to discuss and learn about motoring.

4. Tumblr is a blogging community and the perfect space to find out new things about your car and how to maintain it. find out more here:

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