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Posted on: 21/11/2014

Four out of ten (39%) drivers have given their car a name, according to the AA Driving School.

Women are far more likely than men to have named a car, with half (50%) saying they have done so compared to a third (33%) of men.

Young drivers aged 18-24 were by far the most likely age group to say they had named a car with a huge seven out of ten (70%) having done so, compared to just three out of ten (30%) of drivers over 65.

The science of naming your car

Of those drivers who have named a car, a third (30%) said they decided on a moniker based on the car’s registration number.

The second most popular way for choosing their car’s name was by picking a name that 'seemed to suit the car’s personality’. And a romantic one per cent said they named their car after their partner or spouse.

Other popular ways to decide amongst those who have named a car were basing it on the make or model of the car (16%), its colour (8%), picking a name they liked (8%) or naming it after a celebrity (1%), their partner (1%) or their children (1%).

AA-Populus research also revealed the most popular and unusual names people give their cars. The most common names, or groups of names, were:

1. Names with 'Blue’ in them e.g Bluebelle, Blue Boy and Bluey.

2. Fred, Freddie or Freda

3. Betsey

4. Babe or Baby

5. The Beast

6. Penelope or Penny

7. Names starting with 'Little’ e.g Little Beauty, Little Star and Little Mighty

8. Bertie or Bert

9. Bessie or Bess

10. Bertha

11. Katy or Katie

12. Names starting with 'Old’ e.g Old Gal, Old Lady and Old Whitey

Some of the more unusual answers people gave when asked what the car was called included 'The shed of dread’, 'The Crudmobile’, 'Brian’ and 'Cactus Jack’.

Celebrities and famous cars also have an influence with 'Britney’, 'The Batmobile’, 'Herbie’, 'Lightening McQueen’ and 'Kit’ all cropping up in the list.

Source: The AA

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