60% of motorists hog the middle lane

Posted on: 02/09/2014

60% of motorists hog the middle lane

New research from Direct Line has found six out of 10 motorists admit to being middle lane hoggers.

One in 10 drivers confessed they hogged the middle lane - even if the inside or “slow” lane was clear - “always” or “regularly”.

A poll of more than 2,000 drivers found 43 per cent of hoggers said they drove in the middle lane because it was an “easier way to drive” and “saves me changing lanes”.

The second most common explanation was “I only do this when the road is quiet” - an explanation offered by 38 per cent - while just under a third insisted they hogged the middle lane “without realising”.

Nearly a quarter of middle lane hogs, 24 per cent, said they did it because “it is a safer way to drive on the motorway”.

A further 18 per cent of drivers said it was simply a “driving habit”.

The research also disclosed the worst stretches of motorway in England for middle lane hogging.

Based on an analysis of Highways Agency data from 6,500 sections of motorway, all of the 10 most “lane hogged” sections were in London and the south east.

Worst sections for lane hogging

1. M4 J5-J6 westbound (Slough) 27%

2. M1 J4-J5 southbound (Watford) 26%

3. M4 J7-J8/9 eastbound (Slough) 24%

4. M25 J4-J5 clockwise (Sevenoaks) 22%

5. M25 J12-J13 anti-clockwise (Cheshunt) 21%

6. M4 J2-J3 westbound (Brentford) 19%

7. M25 J18-J19 anti-clockwise (Watford) 19%

8. M25 J16-J17 clockwise (Gerrards Cross) 17%

9. M4 J5-J6 eastbound (Heathrow) 16%

10. M25 J16-J17 anti-clockwise (Gerrards Cross) 12%

Source: Telegraph


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