5 killer tips to reduce your fuel bill

Posted on: 11/07/2014

5 killer tips to reduce your fuel bill

Driving is an expensive business.


Fuel price increases are as inevitable as the sun rising and setting each day. Add to the mix tougher economic conditions and it means that more people are unable to keep up with their car maintenance costs.

Driving less is an obvious way to cut your fuel bill, but for most of us that simply isn't an option.

Enter hypermilling

You may be asking yourself: "What is hypermiling?" Well, it's simply the act of driving as economically as possible.

By doing this, the fuel consumption is lowered by as much as 40 per cent, so you are able to cover many more miles than expected at a lower cost.

Take a look at these five hypermilling tips, shared originally in this Big Issue article:

1. Buy the right car: Though small diesel cars tend to have the highest miles per gallon, there’s little point buying one of these models if most of your driving is done on short trips around town. You simply won’t see the benefit.

2. Maintain the car: Grab your vehicle manual and regularly make a few simple checks. Tyre pressure should not be too high because punctures, or even worse blow-outs, may occur - but conversely, too low will cause more drag and ruin efforts to hypermile. The viscosity of oil is important to some, who believe that thinner oil will increase mpg. Also make sure the car is serviced on time.

3. Preparation before the drive: Streamline the vehicle and its contents. Extra weight means extra fuel, so if the boot is carrying items which aren’t needed for this particular trip, take them out. It also includes roof racks and bike racks - remove these if they are not needed. They add wind resistance, which increases consumption.

4. Driving: If you are planning a road trip this summer there are several ways of lengthening the gap between petrol stop-offs. Perhaps two of the more surprising suggestions are to reduce the use of air conditioning, as that increases fuel consumption, and to turn off unneeded electrical functions such as headlights and heated windscreens. For the engine, braking harshly and accelerating fiercely are both uneconomical so instead learn to anticipate traffic better and brake smoothly when approaching traffic lights and built up areas.

5. Plan journeys and keep notes: If you are really dedicated to hypermiling you will have to keep a record of your regular journeys, and the performance of the vehicle through the week. Try to remember certain circumstances, incidents and occasions that may have affected performance. Always leave for destinations on time because rushing will almost certainly lead to less smooth driving, and the simplest way to gauge this will be to later compare the vehicle’s miles per gallon between normal and late driving. Aim for areas with less congestion and roadworks.

You can find more car tips and driving advice in Sell My Car Quick’s blog.

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