Driving to and from a festival: What you need to know

Posted on: 27/06/2014

Driving to and from a festival: What you need to know


Today’s the day. Glastonbury has arrived and so with it are the thousands of vehicles heading there. With such a large volume of traffic, it pays to plan for both your journey there, and back. Our 'To Do List’ below will help you get there and back safely:


Plan your journey

Considering busy traffic and peak times, as well as breaks for the rest and toilets. You'll more than likely be driving down with a large group of friends, so you have more to consider. Also, don't rely entirely on your sat nav, take a road map with you in case you need to avoid traffic jams.

And it's becoming more and more of a good idea to check Twitter for latest traffic updates. If there is a trouble on the roads - you will be able to find it as it happens or well in advance before you reach it.

Check and prepare your vehicle

Check and prepare your vehicle before you set off to avoid nasty surprises before or during the journey. Glastonbury ticket prices are expensive enough, imagine the disappointment of breaking down and missing your favourite act.

Mud. That’s what you can expect from Glastonbury so you have to prepare your car for this. Fill up the windscreen wash and keep some wipes in the car to wipe the mud off your lights so you can see and be seen.

Don't distract yourself

If you need to look into maps or fiddle with your sat-nav, it might be a better idea to ask one of your passengers to help. Consider as well that your passengers will be a distraction themselves with chatter and laughter, so try and stay focused.

Avoid using mobile phones even with a hands-free kit as well, as this will distract your attention.


Once you have arrived at Glasto, make sure that you don't leave anything valuable in the car. If you have used sat nav that has left marks on your windscreen, clean them off. Think like a thief and double check your car's security.

Navigating around the site

When on the Festival site, take a notice of where you are leaving your car and landmarks or consider using a flag on your aerial to help yourself find your car.

And lastly, drive slowly when on the site. Think ahead and watch out of any obstructions and harms.

On the way home

If you are going to drive home the next morning, make sure you are fit to drive and not impaired by the alcohol you consumed the night before.

Nearly 1 in 6 convicted drink drivers are caught the morning after. It takes approximately one hour for your body to absorb one unit of alcohol. In addition to this it will take at least 1 hour to remove each unit of alcohol you've drank from your system. Consider how long will it take for you to be fit for the road.

Additionally, driving while tired is extremely dangerous, we understand you’ll just want to get home to a shower and warm bed but don’t sacrifice your health and your passengers. Stop regularly for a cold drink, some fresh air and even a little nap if you need one.


You can find more car tips and driving advice in Sell My Car Quick’s blog.

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