5 of the best UK driving blogs

Posted on: 22/05/2014

5 of the best UK driving blogs

Which are the best driving blogs in the UK? Find out in our top 5 below.

While it's true that we provide a fantastic array of information here at Recycle Motors, we know that you may want to have a little look at some other blogs. You know, just for another point of view.

That's why we've decided to help you with our top 5 driving blogs in the UK.blog-blogging

1. MotorPaper

"A fresh new look at motoring through the eyes of industry experts, petrol heads and motoring enthusiasts. Motor Paper focus on new car reviews, news and trivia."

This website has a great blog section that includes helpful articles such as 'A dummies guide to buying a used car" and "Car loan tips for beginners".

2. Turn Eight

"The ramblings of an F1 fan and her gaggle of talented writers. Expect mild perversion, rants, badly edited videos and serious commentaries on all facets of motor sport and cars."

If you're into your Formula One, this blog is for you. It focuses on racing, in-depth car reviews and provides colourful video commentary, but it also has practical articles including 'Driving in Europe - The law, tips and practical advice".

3. CarKeys

"Founded in 1999, CARkeys is marching through its second decade and continuing to provide car news and reviews created by some of the finest - and most fearlessly honest - motoring writers in the UK."

This website has model-specific news, columns and road-test articles, as well as feature pieces such as "The car in 2025". In fact, Sell My Car Quick used this article as a basis for its own blog - you can read it here.

4. The Car Expert

"The Car Expert provides impartial car buying advice, as well as news and information from all over the automotive world."

If it's car-buying advice that you're after, then The Car Expert is the right blog for you. You can even talk to other motor-enthusiasts in its many forums.

5. MSN UK Cars

"MSN Cars: Find all the latest facts, figures and specifications you will need to know about ... High quality car reviews, road tests and motoring news from MSN UK."

A fully comprehensive that is updated 24/7, you can't go wrong with this blog from MSN.


You can find more car tips and driving advice in Sell My Car Quick's blog.


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5 of the best UK driving blogs - Recycle Motors...

[...] What are the best driving blogs in the UK? Find out in our top 5 below.  [...]


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