Spring clean your vehicle: 5 essential steps for car care

Posted on: 24/04/2014

Spring clean your vehicle: 5 essential steps for car care

The sun's finally peaking out from behind winter's storm-ridden skylines, so now's the time to get your car ready for summer. Find out what you need to know about car care to prepare for the coming months.


Winter's over and the warmer weather is upon us once again. So it’s time to rid your car of all the grit, salt and grime it will have accumulated during the wet months, add some protection and get it sparkling for the sunshine.

Car care is one of the most important things when it comes to your vehicle's future health and upkeep. With the following tips, you can make sure your car remains in pristine condition for longer.

1. Wash your car

The first step in spring cleaning your car is to wash it.

Begin by rinsing with a pressure washer or hose to loosen the worst of the grit.

When using a wash, there are a couple of options: professionals use a two-bucket system. Fill both with water and add a car shampoo to one. Use a sponge or wash mitt to apply the wash, then rinse in the clean water to remove any grit.

An alternative is to use a grit guard in the bucket. This prevents the mitt or sponge dragging grit from the bottom. Begin working from the top, using plenty of water and wash, as this lifts away grime rather than spreading it about. Then move down the car, leaving the bottom nine inches or so.

This will be where the worst road dirt is flicked up from the wheels - by doing it last, you reduce the risk of carrying grit over to other areas of the bodywork.

2. Use a water filter

Wash your car and leave it to dry, and you may as well not bother - as minerals in the water leave unsightly spots. But a water filter removes these minerals.

Alternatively, spray on a product, which dries to a shine. You could also apply a protective wax to the wet bodywork.

3. Rinse it

Before you dry your car, rinse it fully so you don’t drag grit over the paint. Start at the top and wring the leather or cloth often to maintain absorbency, and rinse it thoroughly if you drop it. Here are the easiest ways to dry your car.

4. Use wax, polish or a clay bar

Once you’ve got your car’s bodywork clean and dry, it’s time to add some protection - and if the clear coat is in good condition, a clay bar provides the perfect surface for a coat of wax or polish.

A clay bar is like sticky Blu Tack, and removes contaminants in the lacquer. A quick way to check if your paint needs claying is to slip a finger in a plastic bag and run it over the roof or bonnet. If it feels gritty, it needs claying. Spray on the lube or water, and rub the clay over the surface until any resistance disappears.

5. Pay attention to the wheels and tyres

Apply the wheel cleaner to one wheel and allow it to soak for a moment. If applied to all the wheels you risk it drying before you get to the third or fourth wheel. Before scrubbing wheel number one, apply cleaner to wheel number two, and so on.

Scrub the wheels using a dedicated wheel cleaning brush. Use a lug nut brush that doubles to clean the lug nuts and then the surrounding holes.

Rinse with a strong stream of water making sure to remove all cleaner, especially from the lug nut holes where it tends to puddle.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Auto Express



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