Is love the main reason to buy a new car?

Posted on: 17/04/2014

Is love the main reason to buy a new car?

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What's the main reason for buying a new car? Recent research has revealed that a simple love of driving speeds past other options.


Aside from financial factors, a simple love of driving was reported as the biggest trigger of automotive sales globally while utility and status also featured strongly according to research from the Nielsen Global Survey of Automotive Demand.

More than 30,000 online consumers in 60 countries were surveyed and 84% of those planning to buy a new car sometime in the next two years cited love of driving as a motivation. Practical needs (63%) and the desire for a status symbol (62%) were other significant prompts.

While the love of driving did not vary greatly by region - from 86% in Asia-Pacific to 80% in North America - more significant differences emerged with respect to the other leading spurs to purchase.

A status symbol?

Status was much a much more important factor in Asia Pacific, where it drove 75% of respondents, than in Europe, where only 42% thought this was an inspiration. Some 69% of would-be buyers in the Middle East/Africa were motivated by status, while those in North America (51%) and Latin America (49%) were rather less bothered with this.

Practical needs also featured highly in Asia-Pacific (69%) but North American buyers were most influenced by these (71%). At the other end of the scale Latin American consumers were least concerned about utility (44%). Those in Europe and the Middle East/Africa scored the same (56%) on this sentiment.

Pat Gardiner, president of Nielsen Automotive, observed that automaker were well aware of the power of emotional connections for car buyers, "but the key is making sure these messages are clear and resonate through their campaigns to the right audience," he said.

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SOURCE: Nielsen


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