Licence-plate driving bans: Do they work?

Posted on: 20/03/2014

Finding new ways to cut car pollution has lead to the implementation of schemes such as Paris's licence-plate driving ban. But how effective is this type of measure? Find out below.


Long-running licence plate schemes operate all over the world, including Athens, Beijing and Mexico City. But the recent situation in Paris has pushed the topic back into the global spotlight.

Some ban cars every second day, others once a week. But, according to some commentators, drivers inevitably circumvent restrictions by buying cheap, inefficient cars with opposing number plates.

This means some schemes have had an adverse effect on air quality.

Many believe that low emission zones (LEZs) are a more effective way of decreasing the contribution of traffic to air pollution. LEZs ban inefficient vehicles from city centres, forcing drivers to upgrade their cars. LEZs and congestion charges, which encourage drivers to use public transport and shift to more efficient cars, are proven to reduce concentrations of dangerous particles and chemicals.

In Paris, the level of pollution reached a critical level that led the government to ban cars with licence plates ending with an even number from the road. It was the second time Paris had implemented a short-term ban in response to high smog levels.

Source: The Guardian

What you can do

You can make sure that your car is as environmentally friendly as it can be with the following tips:

1. Reduce the weight you are holding in the car. De-clutter and remove any heavy items in the boot. This reduced weight will help improve your fuel efficiency. Also, you'll feel a lot more uncluttered mentally without the mess!

2. Ensure your tyres are inflated to the correct level. Pressure that is too low creates a drag on your car that requires more fuel.

3. Turn off your air conditioning when you're driving at low speeds.

4. Try to accelerate slowly - the more you press down on the accelerator, the more fuel you use.

5. Always drive in the correct gear. Going at 20 miles per hour in second gear puts a strain on the engine.

6. Look far ahead and anticipate potential issues that might require you to stop. This will mean that you can slow down well in advance and reduce your need to quickly press the brakes.


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What do you think about licence-plate driving ban? Is it something that would work in the UK? Comment below:

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