The main causes of road rage

Posted on: 20/02/2014

We've all been there. The red mist descends and we scream expletives while honking our horn. Road rage. And it could be for any number of reasons.

But what are the main ones that touch a nerve and cause our eyes to twitch while out on the road? Recycle Motors investigates.


It's not me, it's you

Psychologists say that, for some: "it’s a need for control, to counter other drivers who they feel violate their space, or their need for possession of their lane or their part of the road." And for others, it's more primal: "...unchecked anger and aggression. It’s hormone-based and need for superiority." (Source: Psychology Today)

But when it comes to the tangible reasons reported for road rage, the RAC conducted research that revealed the top 10:

1. Tailgating and sudden braking (39.5%)

2. Gesturing (12%)

3. Weaving dangerously (11%)

4. Being forced to stop (10%)

5. Swearing or threats (10%)

6. Speeding alongside (7%)

7. Dazzling lights (3.5%)

8. Driver approached on foot (3%)

9. Continuous horn (3%)

10. Ramming vehicle (3%)

(Source: Daily Mail)

Now, I don't know about you, but "Driver approached on foot" and "Ramming vehicle" are two quite terrifying actions that, quite rightly, lead to you experiencing road rage. Or fear anyway!

But how can we stop road rage?

Well, show courtesy to your fellow drivers. If you feel yourself getting angry, try to take a moment and a deep breath, and relax. Leave more time for journeys if possible so you don't have the added pressure of time. And don’t take other drivers' bad driving habits as an attack on you.

As long as you yourself practice safe, calm driving, you're doing all you can. Aggressive driving leads to accidents, injuries and even death.


And if you'd like to buy a new car that you can practice these techniques in, we can help. At Recycle Motors, we buy car, motorbikes, vans, caravans and motorhomes for cash. Cash that can help you purchase your dream car.


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