13 tips to driving in the rain

Posted on: 14/02/2014

Driving in the rain can be scary. Especially during the last few months of extreme weather, where the country has faced torrential downpours on an almost daily basis. Use our tips to make sure that you stay safe out on the roads.


We don't like the rain at Recycle Motors. It can cause accidents, reduce visibility on the roads and don't get us started on the dangers of flood damage.

So we thought we'd help you out with our 13 handy tips to help you while driving in the rain:

1. Slow down! It takes longer to stop or adjust in wet weather.

2. Stay toward the middle lanes - water tends to pool in the outside lanes.

3. Maintain proper following distance (3 Second Rule). This needs to be increased in wet weather.

4. Drive in the tracks of a car ahead of you.

5. Don't follow large trucks or buses too closely. The spray created by their large tires reduces your vision. And take care when passing them as well; if you must pass, do so quickly and safely.

6. Be more alert when driving in wet or slippery conditions. Watch out for brake lights in front of you.

7. Avoid using your brakes; if possible, take your foot off the accelerator to slow down.

8. Turn your headlights on even in a light rain, or in gloomy, foggy or overcast conditions. Not only do they help you see the road, but they'll help other drivers see you.

9. Before it starts to rain, replace old or brittle wipers.

10. Avoid off-road driving: It's hard to judge the actual depth of puddles and you can easily become stuck.

11. Never drive beyond the limits of visibility. At night rainy roads become especially treacherous. The glare of oncoming lights, amplified by the rain on your windscreen, can cause temporary loss of visibility while substantially increasing driver fatigue.

12. Never drive through moving water if you can't see the ground through it; your car could be swept off the road.

13. If possible, stay off the road during heavy thunderstorms. Large flashes of lightning can temporarily blind and disorient drivers, and the accompanying high winds and heavy rain can create deadly driving conditions.

Source: SmartMotorist.com

If you've suffered an accident due to driving in the rain, or any other reason, you can sell your car to us in any condition. We'll give you a competitive price and even pick the car up from your front door.

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