5 signs to not buy a used car

Posted on: 23/01/2014

When you sell your vehicle to us here at Recycle Motors, we know that in most cases, you're planning to buy a used car. But there are a few signs to keep your eye out for to ensure you don't walk away with a banger.


1. Lack of repair records

If the seller can't show you accurate records of repair, you should assume the car hasn't been reliably serviced. Approach the condition of the car with plenty of skepticism, and have it thoroughly checked out by a reliable mechanic.

2. Signs of neglect

Dings, dents, strong odors and ugly stains are all signs that someone has not been treating the car well. By themselves, superficial signs of neglect are no big deal, but this could be indicative of a person who hasn't been regularly servicing their vehicle.

3. Evidence of botch jobs

Recent detailing by itself isn't a reason not to buy a car. In fact, all it may mean is that the owner is wisely tidying up the car up before sale. But keep your eyes open that the seller is trying to obscure defects. A recently cleaned engine compartment, for example, could hide evidence of an engine that's leaking oil badly. A receipt in the trunk for a carton of Restore engine treatment could be a clue that an engine has seen better days.

4. High-performance cars

Performance cars are not good things to buy used. Think of the profile of the average customer for these cars. Don't expect a used performance car to have been treated gently.

5. Smoker damage

Look for the tell-tale signs of burn holes in the upholstery and evidence of cigarettes extinguished in the ashtray.

Source: Cars.com


And, in some cases, the signs that you should not buy a vehicle are staring you right in the face. Common signs that a car may not be completely roadworthy include:

1. Headlights that don’t work
2. Faulty brakes
3. Cracked wing mirrors
4. Worn out tyres
5. Seat belts that don’t work properly
6. A faulty exhaust system


At Recycle Motors, we want to help you get the car you want. Sell your car to us and we'll even pick it up directly from your drive.

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